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  1. 中国地质调查局西安矿产资源调查中心,陕西 西安 710100
  • 收稿日期:2021-01-28 修回日期:2021-04-09 出版日期:2021-08-31 发布日期:2021-10-08
  • 作者简介:马承(1981-),男,甘肃定西人,高级工程师,从事矿产普查与勘查研究工作。
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Geochemical Characteristics and Geological Significance of Minxian-Lixian Metallogenic Belt,Western Qinling Region

Cheng MA(),Yiwei SONG,Biao SUN,Zhanbin WANG   

  1. Xi’an Center of Mineral Resources Survey,China Geological Survey,Xi’an 710100,Shaanxi,China
  • Received:2021-01-28 Revised:2021-04-09 Online:2021-08-31 Published:2021-10-08



关键词: 分形模型, 因子分析, 地球化学特征, 矿化类型, 成矿潜力, 岷礼成矿带


Minxian-Lixian metallogenic belt is rich in polymetallic resources in the west Qinling area,which has a complex tectonic history.However,there is still a lack of research on the geochemical anomaly patterns and ore-controlling factors of different types of deposits,which restricting the deployment of ore prospecting and exploration.To solve the problems,data of stream sediment geochemistry is utilized to study metallogenesis at a regional scale,to reveal the characteristics of distribution and association of geochemical elements,and thus provide important guidance for prospecting and exploration.A total of 4 095 samples were collected in the area and centered log-ratio(CLR) transformation was performed in the following to alleviate the skewness of raw data and make the element concentration tend to a normal distribution.Based on the fractal theory,Concentration-Area (C-A) models of Au,Cu,Pb,Zn,W and Sn have been established.It is found that elements of Au and Sn have multiple levels of geochemical fields,indicating that they have higher degree of enrichment and metallogenic potential.The geochemical anomalies of Au,Cu,Pb and Zn in the north subbelt can be roughly divided into two categories.One is related to the Late Triassic intrusive magmatism,where Suolong and Mawu gold deposit and Daijiazhuang Pb-Zn deposit expose.Another is related to the regional complex fault-fold system (Minxian-Tanchang fault and the Diebu anticline),where Zhaishang super-large gold deposit and several mineralization points expose.Also,anomalies of W and Sn show a strong spatial correlation with the Wuduojinhua pluton,hosting many mineralization points.Before performing factor analysis, Bartlett test of sphericity and KMO test were used to test the relevance of the selected data.The results show that the KMO value is 0.91,and Bartlett’s sphericity test also meets the conditions of factor analysis.The results of factor analysis indicate:(1)The element association of the first factor (F1) is Co-Cr-Cu-Ni-Ti-V-Zn,which represents the Late Paleozoic strata,and the factor score is consistent with the regional Cu,Zn mineralization,indicative of mineral sources from the strata.(2)The second factor (F2:As-Hg-Sb) represents the association of cryogenic elements,controlled by the Minxian-Tanchang fault and the Diebu anticline.(3)The third factor (F3:Bi-Sn-W) represents the element association of high temperature,controlled by Wuduojinhua pluton and the Diebu anticline.(4)The fourth factor (F4:Ba-Pb) shows similar patterns as F3;(5)The fifth factor (F5) has a single element of Au and it is irrelevant with the known Late Triassic magmatism,which indicates that the Au mineralization probably is related with complex tectonic system instead of magmatism.The main conclusions include:(1)C-A fractal model shows that elements of Au and Sn have higher degree of enrichment and metallogenic potential.(2)The results of factor analysis show that Cu and Zn mineralization probably come from the Late Paleozoic strata,Pb-Zn and W-Sn mineralization is related to magmatism of the late Triassic.The tectonic ore-controlling effect on Zhaishang gold deposit is more obvious.(3)Based on the combination of C-A fractal model and factor analysis,it is predicted that the Diebu anticline has a huge prospecting potential of Pb-Zn and W-Sn.

Key words: fractal model, factor analysis, geochemical characteristics, mineralization types, metallogenetic potentiality, Minxian-Lixian metallogenic belt


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