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Gold Science and Technology ›› 2015, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (4): 63-67.doi: 10.11872/j.issn.1005-2518.2015.04.063

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Research on Rock Burst Prediction Technology based on the Actual Impact Energy Index(W)

RAO Yunzhang,LI Xuezhen   

  1. School of Resources and Engineering,Jiangxi University of Science and Technology,Ganzhou    341000,Jiangxi,China
  • Received:2015-05-15 Revised:2015-06-23 Online:2015-08-28 Published:2015-11-16


Rock burst is a kind of common geological disasters in deep mine in the process of mining,which is not only threatens the safety of underground personnel,equipment,materials,but also can lead to the destruction of underground stope structure.The rock burst hazard can be prevented by researching and analyzing the tendency,intensity and location of the rock burst.Based on the analysis of the impact energy index of rock WCF and the elastic deformation energy index of rock WET,we found the question that WCF exaggerated the quantity of actually stored in the elastic deformation energy of rock.So the paper put forward the actual impact energy index W,and build up a new rock burst prediction technology rely on the actual impact energy index W-based,the elastic deformation energy index WET and rock brittleness index K supplemented.The prediction technology is applied  to forecast the rock burst in Dongguashan copper mine,and the results show that using the W is better than WCF in forecast rock burst problem,in addition,the prediction results were more realistic and reliable.It means that the new rock burst prediction technology is effective.

Key words: rock burst prediction technology, actual impact energy index, elastic deformation energy index, rock brittleness index

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  • TU458

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