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    Founded in 1988, Gold Science and Technology is a comprehensive scientific journal sponsored by the Science Information Center for the Resource and Environmental of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It mainly reports and focuses on the important innovation and key technologies of key metal minerals (gold and precious metals) in the interdisciplinary fields of the whole industrial chain, such as geology, mining and metallurgy at home and abroad.
    Gold Science and Technology has fixed columns such as Mineral Exploration and Resource Evaluation, Mining Technology and Mine Management, Metallurge and Equipment, and establishing Special Column around the frontier issues of disciplines, focus on the frontier achievements and progress.
    Academic Exchange Platform
    Gold Science and Technology always adheres to the purpose of “reporting the frontier of disciplines, promoting academic exchanges, and serving the development of the industry”, planning and organizing activities such as the “Gold Science and Technology Forum”based on the journal, it aims to build an open communication and cooperation platform for scientific and technical workers in the field of key metal minerals.Up to now, ten forum activities have been successfully held.
       · The journal is currently indexed in several databases, including:
       · A Guide to the Core Journal of China (Peking University)
       · Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD)
       · Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citation Database (CSTPCD)
       · Core Academic Journals of Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation (RCCSE)
       · Japan Science and Technology Agency Database (JST)

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