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Gold Science and Technology ›› 2015, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (1): 74-79.doi: 10.11872/j.issn.1005-2518.2015.01.074

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Reasonable Selection of Parameters about Full Tailings Cementation Filling of Liangshan Iron Mine

DAI Xingguo,FANG Xin,CHEN Zengjian,HUANG Yi   

  1. School of Resources and Safety Engineering,Central South University,Changsha   410083,Hunan,China
  • Received:2014-09-03 Revised:2014-11-12 Online:2015-02-28 Published:2015-04-07


Based on the main influenced factors of unclassified tailings cementing filling technology of Liangshan Iron Mine,the designing and regression analysising of different proportional parameters of filling are presented in this paper,and gain the curve of main factors and strength influencing the strength of filling body.According to stope parameters,the design strength range of backfill is 0.18~1.30 MPa by using different mathematical models.The simulation analysis of deformation conditions of backfill in adjacent stope has been done with ABAQUS software after stope mining.The results show that when the ratio of backfill stope is 1∶8 the backfill strength is a little earning,the ratio of backfill stope is 1∶20 the backfill strength is not enough and the backfill may be fracturing damaged,the backfill strength can meet the requirements of stope safety when the ratio is 1∶15 and concentration is 70%,which can control the deformation and failure of stope.

Key words: full tailings cementation filling, proportioning test, orthogonal analysis, design strength, numerical simulation

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  • TD853.34

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