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  1. 中南大学资源与安全工程学院,湖南 长沙 410083
  • 收稿日期:2022-10-30 修回日期:2022-12-30 出版日期:2023-04-30 发布日期:2023-04-27
  • 通讯作者: 赵亚坤;
  • 作者简介:陈建宏(1963-),男,江苏苏州人,教授,从事矿业经济和矿业系统工程研究工作。
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Research on a Large Homogenized Joint Ore Blending and Production Data Integration and Sharing System Based on the Ant Colony-Ant Cycle Model

Jianhong CHEN(),Yakun ZHAO(),Shan YANG,Xudong ZHONG   

  1. School of Resources and Safety Engineering,Central South University,Changsha 410083,Hunan,China
  • Received:2022-10-30 Revised:2022-12-30 Online:2023-04-30 Published:2023-04-27
  • Contact: Yakun ZHAO;


针对矿山企业普遍存在的配矿手工计算精度低、入选矿石品位波动大、矿量不均衡和生产数据管理碎片化的问题,基于大均化联合配矿技术理论和蚁群—蚁周算法模型,建立了大均化配矿数学模型;基于大均化联合配矿技术路线及矿山现场情况,提出了生产数据集成共享一体化管理方法。通过对配矿模型的解算生成符合生产实际的大均化配矿自动指令单,并以ASP.NET低代码开发平台、B/S框架和SQL Server数据库技术为基础,引入大数据图表结合分析技术和集成数据接口技术开发了大均化联合配矿及生产数据集成共享系统。以大宝山多金属矿的应用情况为例,结果表明:系统投入使用后,矿山配矿生产的全流程实现了系统化流水作业,与原配矿方式相比,矿石品位稳定均衡,提高了综合回收率,控制了入选矿石品位波动范围,提高了矿山管理水平和矿产品质量。

关键词: 大均化联合配矿, 蚁群—蚁周模型, B/S框架, 生产数据集成共享系统, 矿石品位


With the upgrading of mine production modes and the renewal of business philosophy,the problems that commonly exist in mining enterprises,such as low accuracy in manual calculation of ore blending,large fluctuations in ore grade,unbalanced ore quantities,and fragmentation of production data management,have become more and more obvious.Starting from the blending and production data management of ore management work,the mathematical model of large homogenized joint ore blending was established based on the theory of large homogenized joint ore blending technology and the ant colony-ant cycle algorithm model. The integrated management method of production data integration and sharing was proposed based on the large homogenized joint ore blending technology route and the mine on-site situation,summarizing the process,key data,and hierarchical linkage relationship.A large homogenized joint ore blending and production data integration and sharing system was constructed based on the ant colony-ant cycle model.Firstly,integrating the multi-stage ore blending in the mining site,stockpile,and processing plant,optimizing the blending quantity and ore grade from a global perspective,proposing the theory of a large homogenized joint ore blending technology,and establishing a large homogenized joint ore blending function according to the actual blending.Secondly,using the ant colony-ant cycle algorithm as the modeling framework of the blending model,establishing the mathematical model of large homogenized ore blending based on the large homogenized transformation,taking the large homogenized cycle as the number of iterations,and continuously adjusting the blending quality through the automatic blending order output from the model in the producing cycle. Finally,based on the ASP.NET low-code development platform,the B/S framework,and SQL Server database technology,big data charting combined with analysis technology and integrated data interface technology were introduced to develop a large homogenized joint ore blending and production data integration and sharing system.According to the application of the system at Dabaoshan polymetallic mine,the results show that after the system has been put into use,the whole process of mine ore blending and production has been systematized and streamlined,compared with the original ore blending method,the ore grade has been stabilized and balanced,the comprehensive recovery rate has been initially increased by 0.8%,the fluctuation range of the ore grade has been controlled to not exceed ±10%,and the mine management level and mineral product quality have been improved.

Key words: large homogenized joint ore blending, ant colony-ant cycle model, B/S framework, production data integration and sharing system, ore grade


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