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J4 ›› 2008, Vol. 16 ›› Issue (5): 7-11.

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The Enrichment Regularities of Mineralization in Auriferous Quartz Veins at Xiaoqinling, Shaanxi

 GAO  Junhui, HUANG  Jianjun   

  1. China Non ferrous Metals Resource Geological Survey,Beijing 10001 2,China
  • Received:2008-06-02 Revised:2008-06-20 Online:2008-10-27 Published:2011-07-06


Located in Shaanxi.Taihua uplift at the north of Huashan ancient land in the southern margin of North China Platform,this region has been a major gold distribution area with a significant production history.Host strata are dominated by Archean Taihua Group.Auriferous qz vein type gold deposits have been playing a key role in terms of the quantity,reserves and production(of gold deposits),despite that some other new types such as structure Zone altered rock style and Composite gold deposits were discovered in this area during recent years. Therefore,auriferous qz vein gold deposits are still deemed as both the important objectives to our studies and good basis for the deep explo。ration.It is indicated that the spatial distribution of auriferous qz veins are closely attached to properties. OCCHITence and scale of fault structure of mineralization period,but not restricted by certain stratigraphic horizon of the Taihua Group.That is to say,the spatial distribution of auriferous qz veins are closely related to the structure. It is concluded that we should pay attention to the regularity in the amount, scale and mineralization of auriferous qz veins during
prospecting work,especially those big veins with steep occurrences turn ing to fiat or those with imposed mineralization by multistage tectonic activities.At the same time, qz veins mineralization enrichment at different elevation due to thedifferences in tectonic environment,physico—chemical conditions, and mineralization intensity at mineralization stages.These are all significant for either the surface or the deep prospecting for gold deposits at this region.

Key words: Xiaoqinling in Shaanxi, Auriferous qz vein, Occurrence, Enrichment regularities of mineralization

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  • P618.51


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