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Gold Science and Technology ›› 2023, Vol. 31 ›› Issue (2): 252-261.doi: 10.11872/j.issn.1005-2518.2023.02.125

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Study on the Lateral Trending Regularity and Its Significance of Darongxi Scheelite Deposit in Anhua,Hunan Province

Yinglong YU1(),Yueqiang ZHOU2(),Yuning DONG3,Chenghua SHI1   

  1. 1.Hunan Nonferrous Metal Industry & Investment Group Co. , Ltd. , Changsha 410129, Hunan, China
    2.Hunan Institute of Geological Disaster Investigation and Monitoring, Changsha 410004, Hunan, China
    3.Hunan Chenzhou Mining Co. , Ltd. , Huaihua 419605, Hunan, China
  • Received:2022-09-20 Revised:2022-11-14 Online:2023-04-30 Published:2023-04-27
  • Contact: Yueqiang ZHOU;


It is very important to study the lateral trending regularity of orebodies for metallogenic prediction,especially the factors controlling the lateral direction.However,previous studies mostly focused on orebodies controlled by faults,and regularity of orebodies controlled by stratum remains poorly understood. The Darongxi scheelite deposit in Anhua,Hunan Province is the most economically important scheelite deposit in the Au-Sb-W metallogenic belt in western Hunan,the historical mining and current reserves are 38 146 t WO3. This deposit occurs in Sinian Nantuo sandstone in the outer contact zone of the Dashenshan rock mass.The thickness of four scheelite orebodies in the deposit is 1.12~5.96 m,and the grade is 0.12%~1.02% WO3,which is similar to the occurrence wall rock of the Sinian Nantuo sandstone.The lateral trending regularity of the orebodies is still unclear,and the genesis of this deposit has been controversial.Based on comprehensive analysis of statistics,visualization and analysis on a large number of original basic data during the development and utilization period of the Darongxi scheelite deposit and 1 997 scheelite samples from 9 middle sections,the lateral trending regularity of orebodies was studied,and the mineralization process of Darongxi scheelite deposit and its relationship with Dashenshan rock mass were discussed. It is considered that the pitch direction of orebody is NE (42°) and it is controlled by Dashenshan rock mass.The western boundary of the scheelite enrichment area shows a similar shape to that of the Dashenshan rock mass.The slope at the west boundary is more disordered,while those at the east boundary fall off a cliff from ≥0.4% in the west of the boundary to <0.2% in the east.Moreover,the eastern boundary of the enriched orebodies is more than 200 meters away from the Dashenshan rock mass.The ore-forming materials of the Darongxi scheelite deposit are considered to be mainly derived from the sandstone of Nantuo Formation,and the Dashenshan rock mass provides a thermal and dynamic field for the activation,migration and re-enrichment of ore-forming materials.Combined with previous research,Jieshan area and Baishaxi area located respectively in north and in south of the Dashenshan rock mass are considered to have a good metallogenic prospect and suggested to be prospected for concealed orebodies in deep,because they are located in the thermal field of the Dashenshan rock and have similar metellogenic conditions wtih Darongxi scheelite deposit.

Key words: scheelite deposit, lateral trending regularity, magma thermal field, genesis of deposit, gold-antimony-tungsten metallogenic belt of western Hunan, Jiangnan ancient continent

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Geological map of the Xuefeng uplift area in western Hunan(modified after Bai et al.,2021;Wen et al.,2022)"


Geological map of the Darongxi scheelite deposit"


Geological profile of the No.3 exploration line of Darongxi tungsten deposit(modified after Bao,1987)"


Lateral trending regularity of orebodies in the Darongxi scheelite deposit"


Metallogenic sketch map of the Darongxi scheelite deposit"

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